Bounties: Rethinking the design of blogging for the AI age (#1)

Calling All UI Designers: Shape the Future of AI-Enhanced Blogging with Unbody

Bounties: Rethinking the design of blogging for the AI age (#1)


Unbody is seeking UI designers for an exciting challenge: to reimagine blogging platforms for the AI age. We're creating an open-source blogging template that fully integrates and showcases AI functionalities, setting a new standard for content interaction and presentation.


Design a user interface that isn't just AI-compatible, but one that is built from the ground up to harness and showcase Unbody's AI capabilities. This template will be a benchmark in how AI can transform the blogging experience.

Who Should Apply

This bounty is specifically for UI designers passionate about crafting the future of blogging, and keen on exploring how AI can redefine user interaction in content platforms.

AI Functionalities to Focus On

  • Semantic Search: Enabling users to find content through contextual understanding.
  • Generative Search: Leveraging AI to create and suggest content based on user queries.
  • Visual Search: Incorporating AI-powered image and video search capabilities.

Design Style

The template should have a futuristic and sleek design, yet remain versatile and generic enough to appeal to a wide range of audiences. It should intuitively convey the power and sophistication of AI-driven functionalities.

Key Components

  1. Index Page: A dynamically AI-driven interface showcasing a variety of blog posts.
  2. Search Functionality: Advanced, AI-integrated search features accessible within the blog.
  3. Post Page: Innovative layouts for different types of posts, all enhanced by AI capabilities.


  • Round 1:
    • Initial concepts with visual references and a brief on how they integrate AI functionalities.
  • Round 2:
    • Detailed UI design for the entire template, focusing on usability and AI integration.
    • Final designs are to be delivered in Figma or Framer, ready for implementation.


  • Cash Reward: $500 for the selected design.
  • Credit: Designers will be credited in the footer of every blog that uses this template.
  • Bonus Service: The Unbody development team will develop a personal or small-scale web project for the winning designer, powered by Unbody, free of charge.

Submission Guidelines

  • Email us at info@unbody.io with the subject “Blogging for AI age”.
  • Send us a DM on X @unbody_io

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