Data Types


A markdown file holds content written in markdown syntax, allowing for easy-to-read and easy-to-write plain text formatting. The MarkdownFile data type helps you with your markdown file data.

authorsstring[]Array of authors of the Markdown document.
createdAtstringCreation date of the document.
descriptionstringA short description or summary of the document.
frontMatterstringMetadata at the top of the Markdown file in YAML format.
htmlstringRendered HTML content of the Markdown file.
modifiedAtstringLast modification date of the document.
originalNamestringOriginal name of the Markdown file.
pathStringstringPath to the Markdown file.
publishedAtstringPublication date of the document.
remoteIdstringRemote identifier of the document.
sourceIdstringSource identifier of the document.
subtitlestringSubtitle of the Markdown document.
textstringPlain text content of the Markdown file.
titlestringTitle of the Markdown document.
tocstringTable of contents generated from the Markdown headings.
updatedAtstringDate when the document was last updated.