Job: Freelance JAMStack Developer Advocate

What You'll Do:

  • Build and improve use cases for Unbody.
  • Share your work on social media.
  • Create posts, videos, and images for our channels.
  • Give talks, run workshops, and show up at hackathons.
  • Know JAMStack inside out.
  • Code in React and TypeScript like it’s your first language.
  • Grow and lead our community.

Need to Have:

  • Deep dive experience in JAMStack, React, TypeScript.
  • Can create and talk content that grabs attention.
  • Ready to stand in front of a crowd or camera.
  • Community spirit with a knack for leading.

The Deal:

  • Start freelance, with a shot at full-time.
  • Shape how people see and use Unbody.

Interested? Email us to Just you, no agencies.