AI Search Engines
Build search engines that understand human language.

Unbody enables you to develop intelligent search engines that interpret and respond to natural human language. Create search systems that seamlessly handle text, images, and other media to provide comprehensive, multimodal results.

What You Can Build with Unbody

Explore the possibilities with Unbody’s AI Search capabilities:

  • Corporate Knowledge Base Search:

Implement a search system across your organization's documents, emails, and media files, enabling employees to find information quickly and efficiently.

  • E-commerce Search Enhancements:

Create a search system that understands customer queries in natural language and can pull relevant products from text descriptions, images, and even videos.

  • Contextual Search For Documentation:

Develop embed search components or plugins that allow users of your software to not only find the right answer to their questions but within a context made of all your resources (documentation, forum, blog, etc.).

Related Pages

  • Media Archives Search:

Build a search tool for large media libraries, enabling users to find specific images and videos through descriptive queries or even by uploading an example image.

  • Legal Document Discovery:

Develop a search tool that helps legal professionals find case-relevant information across thousands of documents using natural language queries.

  • Academic Research Portal:

Create a research tool that allows scholars to conduct comprehensive searches across publications, datasets, and multimedia educational resources.

  • Real Estate Listing Finder:

Design a search tool that allows potential buyers to describe their ideal home and find matching listings through descriptive, natural language.


  • Human Language Search Engines:

Allows users to interact using natural language, removing the complexity and limitations of traditional keyword-based searches.

  • Multimodal Search:

Integrates text, image, and video content in search results, providing a richer, more interactive user experience.

  • Scalable and Adaptive:

Scales with your data and adapts to user behaviors and preferences, improving search relevance over time.

How Unbody Helps

  • Diverse Data Integration:

Pulls information from a variety of sources and formats, essential for building a comprehensive search engine that accesses all available data.

  • Live Data Aggregation:

Ensures your search engine always has the most current information, critical for accuracy and user satisfaction.

  • Modular AI Architecture:

Choose from a variety of AI models to power your search engine, allowing you to optimize for specific types of queries and data.

  • Simple and Sophisticated Developer Experience:

Quickly deploy advanced search functionalities with minimal coding, accelerating development and simplification of integration.

  • Powerful Image and Media Processing APIs:

Enhance search capabilities with image and video recognition, allowing for a truly multimodal search experience where users can search how they think, using any type of data.