AI Assistant
Empower your projects with intelligent AI assistants.

With Unbody, integrate AI-driven assistants into your applications to enhance user interaction and automate responses. Build assistants that not only respond but learn and adapt to user needs.

What You Can Build

Get inspired by what you can achieve with Unbody’s AI Assistant capabilities:

  • Customer Support Bots:

Deploy AI-powered support bots that handle inquiries, provide real-time solutions, and route complex issues to human operators.

  • Interactive Learning Assistants:

Create educational tools that guide users through learning materials, answer questions, and provide explanations based on educational content.

  • Healthcare Advisors:

Build virtual healthcare advisors that provide preliminary health advice and reminders based on user health data and queries.

  • Financial Advisory Assistants:

Develop assistants that offer financial advice, manage transactions, and provide personalized investment tips based on user data and market trends.

  • Personal Shopping Assistants:

Implement shopping bots that suggest products, compare prices, and provide personalized shopping experiences based on user preferences and past behavior.

  • Real Estate Virtual Guides:

Design virtual real estate agents that assist in property searches, provide detailed property information, and offer virtual tours.

  • Travel Planning Assistants:

Create travel bots that suggest destinations, plan itineraries, and provide real-time updates on travel conditions and bookings.


  • Rapid Integration:

Easily integrate AI assistants into existing systems with minimal setup.

  • Custom AI Configuration:

Tailor the AI to fit the specific needs of your users, enhancing personal interaction.

  • Scalable Solutions:

Deploy solutions that scale with your user base, maintaining performance and accuracy.

How Unbody Helps with AI Assistants

  • Diverse Data Integration:

Leverage data from multiple sources to feed your AI assistant, making it well-rounded and informed.

  • Live Data Aggregation:

Keep your assistant updated with the latest information, essential for maintaining relevance in responses.

  • Modular AI Architecture:

Customize and choose the best AI models that suit the interaction style and needs of your project.

  • Simple and Sophisticated Developer Experience:

Implement intelligent assistants effortlessly, enhancing user experience with just a few lines of code.

  • Powerful Image and Media Processing APIs:

Integrate multimedia processing capabilities, allowing your AI assistant to handle and respond to image and video inputs intelligently.