Automate Content Generation
Automate your content creation for smarter, faster output.

Unbody simplifies the content creation process by leveraging AI to automatically generate, optimize, and enhance digital content across various formats. Streamline your workflows and maintain high content quality with minimal manual input.

What you can build

Here are several applications you can develop using Unbody's Content Generation & Automation capabilities:

  • Automated Blogging Platforms:

Generate and update blog posts based on trending topics or scheduled content plans, complete with SEO optimization.

  • Dynamic FAQ Pages:

Create and continuously update FAQ sections where answers are generated based on common customer queries and updated information.

  • Social Media Content Managers:

Automate the creation of social media posts, including text and accompanying images or videos, tailored to audience engagement patterns and preferences.

  • E-learning Content Systems:

Develop comprehensive educational materials that are automatically updated with the latest information and tailored to different learning stages.

  • Corporate Report Generators:

Produce detailed reports by aggregating data from various corporate systems, analyzing trends, and presenting findings in clear, professionally formatted documents.


  • Efficient Content Production:

Accelerate content creation with AI-driven tools that automatically generate text, summaries, and tagged media.

  • Quality and Consistency:

Ensure high-quality and consistent output that aligns with your brand voice and content standards.

  • Scalable Solutions:

Easily scale content production to meet demand without sacrificing quality or increasing overhead.

How Unbody Helps with Content Generation & Automation

  • Diverse Data Integration:

Utilize a wide range of data sources to enrich and inform content creation, making it relevant and impactful.

  • Live Data Aggregation:

Keep content fresh and up-to-date by integrating the latest data and insights into your content as it's created.

  • Modular AI Architecture:

Customize the AI processing tools to fit your specific content needs, whether for detailed technical writing, creative storytelling, or data-driven reports.

  • Simple and Sophisticated Developer Experience:

Implement content automation systems with minimal coding, enabling non-technical team members to manage and tweak processes easily.

  • Pre-process Auto Metadata Extraction:

Streamline SEO and content discoverability by automatically extracting and applying relevant keywords, tags, and summaries.

  • Powerful Image and Media Processing APIs:

Enhance multimedia content with auto-generated captions, optimized image sizes, and format conversions, all tailored for various platforms.

  • ** Marketing Material Creation:**

Automate the production of marketing content, from product descriptions to promotional videos, ensuring brand consistency and timely updates for campaigns.