AS Content API
Turn data into actionable content instantly.

Directly integrate Unbody with your existing content tools like Google Docs and Notion. Manage, enhance, and deploy content from a single API without ever moving your data.

What You Can Build with Unbody

Explore the range of applications you can develop using Unbody’s Content API & CMS capabilities. Here are some practical ideas to get you started:

  • Dynamic Content Hubs

Build real-time updated content hubs that aggregate articles, videos, and images from various sources, automatically categorized and tagged by Unbody.

  • AI-Enhanced Knowledge Bases

Create smart, searchable knowledge bases that self-update and enrich themselves with new information, providing users with a central point for all related data.

  • Next generation of blogs

Build blogs that are powered by content you create on Google Docs and Notion, and let the AI do the rest. Read how we build Nexlog; an open-source AI blogging platfrom using Unbody.

  • Next Generation of Podcast platforms

Keep your audio where it is, let Unbody turn those audios into a searchable and intractable content.

  • Interactive Educational Platforms

Develop educational platforms where course materials are dynamically updated and enriched with summaries, keywords, and multimedia content enhancements.

  • Automated Content Curation for News Aggregators

Set up news aggregation platforms that not only pull content from various sources but also categorize, summarize, and tag news articles using AI.

  • Media Libraries with Enhancement

Build media libraries where images and videos are not only stored but also captioned, categorized, and tagged automatically, enhancing discoverability and organization.


  • Direct Access

Connect directly to where your content lives, no extra steps.

  • Efficient Content Enhancement

Automatically add value to your content through AI-driven metadata and summaries.

  • Reliable Structured Output

Get consistent, ready-to-use content output that fits right into your frontend.

How Unbody helps

  • Diverse Data Integration

Pull content from anywhere—perfect for a CMS that consolidates various content types and sources without fuss.

  • Live Data Aggregation

Keep your content fresh. Changes in your source material are instantly reflected in your content outputs, critical for maintaining accuracy.

  • Modular AI Architecture

Pick the AI that suits your content needs. Customize the AI to handle different data types effectively, making your CMS smarter.

  • Simple and Sophisticated Developer Experience

Implement complex content management features with just a few lines of code, cutting down on development time significantly.

  • Pre-process Auto Metadata Extraction

Organize and optimize your content automatically, crucial for SEO and user searchability.

  • Powerful Image and Media Processing APIs

Handle and serve images and videos easily, ensuring your content looks good and loads fast, which is vital for user engagement.

  • Content API with Structured Output

Everything comes in a structured format that’s easy to plug into your applications, making development smoother and integration straightforward.