Data Types


authorobjectComment's author.
author.idstringUser's ID.
author.urlstringUser's profile URL.
author.loginstringUser's login name.
author.avatarUrlstringUser's avatar URL.
authorAssociationstringAuthor's association with the repository.
createdAtDateThe date the comment was created.
diffHunkstringDiff hunk; Review comment only.
htmlstringComment's body in HTML format.
inReplyToIdstringThe comment's remote ID that this comment is replying to.
inReplyToUrlstringThe URL of the comment that this comment is replying to.
modifiedAtDateThe date the comment was last modified.
outdatedbooleanWhether the comment is outdated; Review comment only.
reactionsArray<object>Comment's reactions.
reactions.keystringThe reaction type.
reactions.totalnumberThe total number of reactions.
refPathstringFile path; Review comment only.
remoteIdstringThe unique identifier in the source.
sourceIdstringThe source identifier.
subjectTypestringComment's subject type; Review comment only.
textstringComment's body in plain text.
typestringThe type of the comment: issue_comment, pull_request_review_comment
urlstringComment's URL.
autoSummarystringA summary automatically generated based on the comment's content.
autoKeywordsArray<string>Keywords automatically extracted from the comment's content.
autoEntitiesArray<string>Entities automatically extracted from the comment's content.
autoTopicsArray<string>Topics automatically extracted from the comment's content.
threadArray<GithubThread>The thread associated with the comment.