Step 2 - Building

Start building with Unbody

Unbody is essentially an API that primarily utilizes a GraphQL interface. To interact with Unbody, you can either use GraphQL queries directly or employ one of the SDKs provided. Access to any of the endpoints, whether through direct GraphQL queries or SDKs, requires an API key.

Obtain an API key

Let's begin by creating an API key. Start from your dashboard and navigate to your project page. You'll see three tabs at the top labeled sources, graphql, and settings. Click on the settings tab to navigate to the settings page. Here, locate the developer-settings sub-page. This is where you can create an API-key.

Now, using this API key together with the project-id you can send requests to the API.

This is how you can authorize your API calls.

Make Your First API Call

Below is a guide tailored to the type of sources and files in your projects. Please follow the steps that apply to your situation.