Make your first API call with Discord messages

Assuming you've already has gone through the step 1 and step 2, let's now make your first API call with Discord messages.

Start with simple data-retrieving

Start by retrieving all messages from your designated Discord channel.

The response is a JSON array that includes the latest 100 Discord messages. Each item in the array is a DiscordMessage object containing default fields. You can adjust the returned fields using the select method.

Perform a semantic search

Next, perform a semantic search on these messages by adding .search.about to the command. To streamline the payload, use the select method to specify exactly what fields should be included in the response.

The response is more focused, containing only content due to the select command. It also includes an _additional field that provides information on the search, including certainty and distance which indicate the relevancy and accuracy of the result.

Time for Some Generative Tasks

Now that we understand semantic search and data retrieval, let's enhance the existing code by adding generative features.

This can be achieved by appending the generate command to the chain. For this guide, we'll use the grouping method. This method is used when we have a set of messages that we want to group. Then, we ask the AI model to generate something based on the combined content of these messages.


You can now dive into more advanced features or get started with one of our starter templates.

Advance Features