Image API


The Unbody’s Image API leverages Imgix to provide a robust and flexible solution for on-the-fly image processing. It is designed to allow developers to effortlessly integrate advanced image manipulation capabilities into their applications.

Core Capabilities

The Image API, powered by Imgix, simplifies image delivery by handling transformation, optimization, and caching. Here are the key functionalities available.

  • Dynamic Resizing: It helps to scale images to any size dynamically, ensuring they fit the layout of your application without losing quality.
  • Automatic Compression: Automatic compression reduces file sizes with smart compression algorithms that maintain visual fidelity, improving load times.
  • Format Conversion: Format conversion helps to serve images in the most efficient format based on the client's capabilities, such as WebP for supported browsers.
  • Advanced Cropping: Apply face detection or entropy-based cropping to keep the most important part of the image in view.
  • Color and Text Overlay: If you wish to modify color profiles, add watermarks, or overlay text for branding and accessibility, you can use this functionality.
  • Responsive Images: You can also easily create images that adapt to different device screens for responsive web design.