Data Types


activeLockReasonstringThe reason for the lock.
additionsnumberThe number of additions; PR specific
assigneesArray<object>A list of users assigned to the thread.
assignees.idstringUser's ID.
assignees.urlstringUser's profile URL.
assignees.loginstringUser's login name.
assignees.avatarUrlstringUser's avatar URL.
authorobjectThread's author.
author.idstringUser's ID.
author.urlstringUser's profile URL.
author.loginstringUser's login name.
author.avatarUrlstringUser's avatar URL.
authorAssociationstringAuthor association with the repository.
changedFilesnumberThe number of changed files; PR specific
closedAtDateThe date the thread was closed.
createdAtDateThe date the thread was created.
deletionsnumberThe number of deletions; PR specific
diffSidestringDiff side; Review specific
htmlstringThe body of the thread in HTML format.
isOutdatedbooleanWhether the thread is outdated; Review specific
isResolvedbooleanWhether the thread is resolved; Review specific
labelsArray<string>The labels associated with the thread.
labelsDataArray<object>The labels associated with the thread in JSON format.
labelsData.idstringLabel's ID.
labelsData.urlstringLabel's URL.
labelsData.namestringLabel's name.
labelsData.colorstringLabel's color.
linenumberOriginal line; Review specific
lockedbooleanWhether the thread is locked.
mergeablestringMergeable state; PR specific
mergedbooleanWhether the changes are merged; PR specific
mergedAtDateMerge date; PR specific
mergedByobjectThe user who merged the pull request.
mergedBy.idstringUser's ID.
mergedBy.urlstringUser's profile URL.
mergedBy.loginstringUser's login name.
mergedBy.avatarUrlstringUser's avatar URL.
modifiedAtDateThe date the thread was last modified.
numbernumberThe unique number associated with the thread.
originalLinenumberOriginal line; Review specific
originalStartLinenumberOriginal start line; Review specific
pinnedbooleanWhether the thread is pinned.
reactionsArray<object>The reactions to the thread.
reactions.keystringThe reaction type.
reactions.totalnumberThe total number of reactions.
refPathstringFile path; Review specific
remoteIdstringThe unique identifier in the source.
sourceIdstringThe source identifier.
startDiffSidestringStart diff side; Review specific
startLinenumberStart line; Review specific
statestringThread's state: open, closed, or merged.
stateReasonstringThe reason for the state of the thread.
subjectTypestringSubject type; Review specific
submittedAtDateSubmit date; PR specific
textstringThe body of the thread.
titlestringThe title of the thread.
totalCommentsCountnumberThe number of comments on the thread.
typestringThe type of the thread: issue, pull_request, or pull_request_review.
urlstringThe URL of the thread.
autoSummarystringA summary automatically generated based on the thread content.
autoKeywordsArray<string>Keywords automatically extracted from the thread's content.
autoEntitiesArray<string>Entities automatically extracted from the thread's content.
autoTopicsArray<string>Topics automatically extracted from the thread's content.
commentsArray<GithubComment>The comments on the thread.
reviewsArray<GithubThread>The reviews on the thread; PR specific.
threadArray<GithubThread>Parent thread; Review specific.