Visual Similarity

This method can be particularly useful when you want to find images that have a similar aesthetic, color scheme, or subject matter. It works by comparing the visual characteristics of the images and determining how similar they are.


Visual similarity search can be performed on any 'imageBlock'. Here's how:


  • Example 1 - image blocks
    const {data: {payload}} = await unbody.get.imageBlock.similar.image("image url or base64");
    // payload is an array of ImageBlocks that are visually similar to the specific image with id "specificImageId"


imagestringImage url or base64
certaintyfloatNormalized Distance between the result item and the search vector. Normalized to be between 0 (identical vectors) and 1 (perfect opposite).
distancefloatThe required degree of similarity between an image's visual characteristics and the provided filter values