Data Types


createdAtDateThe creation date of the document.
htmlstringThe content of the document in HTML format.
mentionsstringMentions extracted from the document's content.
mimeTypestringThe MIME type of the document.
modifiedAtDateThe last modification date of the document.
originalNamestringThe original name of the file.
pathArray<string>The path to the document in the source.
pathStringstringThe path to the document in the source as a string.
remoteIdstringThe unique identifier in the source.
sizenumberThe size of the document in bytes.
slugstringSlugified version of the original name.
sourceIdstringThe source identifier.
subtitlestringThe subtitle extracted from the document.
summarystringThe summary extracted from the document.
tagsArray<string>A list of tags extracted from the document.
textstringDocument's content in plain text.
titlestringThe title extracted from the document.
tocstringThe table of contents extracted from the document in JSON format.
autoSummarystringA summary automatically generated based on the document content.
autoKeywordsArray<string>Keywords automatically extracted from the document.
autoEntitiesArray<string>Entities automatically extracted from the document.
autoTopicsArray<string>Topics automatically extracted from the document.
blocksArray<ImageBlock | TextBlock>The content blocks of the document.