Record Similarity

Similarity Record is a way to see how alike objects are. You can use this to find objects that look like a specific one. For instance, if you have many Google Docs, you can use this to find docs that are like Doc A. In the past, you had to look at things like keywords or topics to find similar items. But with similarity search in Unbxd, this isn't necessary. You can compare the whole document.


Similarity search can be performed on any object. Here's how:


Example 1 - Google Drive / Google Docs

Find Google Docs that are similar to a specific Google Doc.

Example 2 - Discord / Discord messages

Example 3 - Any text block


idstringThe ID of the object you want to find similar items to.
certaintyfloatNormalized Distance between the result item and the search vector. Normalized to be between 0 (identical vectors) and 1 (perfect opposite).
distancefloatThe required degree of similarity between an object's characteristics and the provided filter values
beaconstringConcept identifier in the beacon format